Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Daycare Family.

I never thought we would be one of them. Not that there is anything remotely bad about being a 'daycare family', I just never thought I would be there. Never really gave it much thought, to be honest with you. As the prospect of me going back to work neared, and I met with the powers-that-be from my work, the reality sunk in that we have no family or friends (that don't have a flexible job or live near us) to look after Finn on a regular basis. So, daycare was the next option. Thank God for this website, Daycare Bear...otherwise I would have no clue where to start looking for a reputable daycare! We found a couple that are by the church/my work that sounded great. We ended up with (get ready for a mouthful) Early Experiences Discovery Children's Garden. Phew. Like I said, a mouthful.

We met with Viktoriya (can you tell she's Russian?) and saw the facility, and it looks awesome. We had a barrage of questions but we hardly had to ask any because she just spat out all the information we needed to know and sent us home with a little info pack. Loved that. Now, we get Finn to meet her and begin the gradual entry process. Agh!

At first we had our reservations about daycare, but after meeting with Viktoriya we are feeling pretty good. Excited, in fact - excited for Finn to experience something new and meet some new friends. I'll let you know how day one goes...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Eleven Months.

Here he is, one month shy of one year old, stacking cups. He is no longer the little blob of baby that laid on the floor looking up at a little blue elephant, concentrating so hard wondering how to touch it. Now he concentrates so intently on how to accurately get the smaller cup in to the bigger cup, and I love to watch the gears turn in his head. I love how when he's done, he's done, too.