Monday, July 13, 2009

Fun in the Summer Sun!

The Douce and I at English Bay!
Close up. Brandi-Lee at 31 Weeks & 4 days
I'm not sure if this weather could get better - not too hot, and definitely not too cold! Some friends and us took a little jaunt to English Bay, had some 'dunch' (lunch/dinner) and just hung out on the beach. It was lovely!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Canada Day Fun

Just being really cool.
Ruby doing 'somersaults' - this is as far as she got.
Chris being the good sport he is, demonstrating for Ruby.
Destiny and I - she is three weeks ahead of me. I have awesome hair due to the breeze.
Yay for Canada Day! I admit the post is a wee late and the magic of it all might be dead but truthfully I didn't get these photos in my possession until Tuesday. Anyway, we celebrated Canada Day with a couple of our friends and their kids at Belcarra Park in Burnaby. Twas a fantastic day. Our intention was first Buntzen Lake, but the lot was full by 10:30am and it was the same story for White Pine Beach! Our third choice was Belcarra, where we swiped a picnic table, ate hot dogs and layed in the sun. Glorious!
31 Weeks | 7 3/4 months
I have recently been finding it harder to bend over and do up my shoe, put socks on, and I let out a long exasperated "UGH" whenever I drop something (which is often). I think the child has officially taken over and made residence in my entire front half, and I know it's just going to get worse. Feet in the ribs, backed in to my lungs. Head butting my bladder! Geez, kiddo.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

30 Weeks

30 Weeks | 7.5 months | 3/4 done!
Thirty weeks along, and three-quarters of the way through. Time goes by fast! Yesterday I had an appointment with our midwife and am happy to say that I am diabetes-free! Not that that's a surprise or anything. However I do have to get one more test because I apparently have low iron - so here we go again. It's a good thing I'm not afraid of needles! She told me to eat more red meat, dark leafy veggies, etc. Good excuse to fire up the BBQ for a nice juicy steak. And I do love steak... As I drove back to work from the midwives clinic I thought how funny it is that your kids start taking from you even in the womb - at the beginning they take your energy and trade it for nausea, then you get your energy back and they take it again. And, they take your iron supply for themselves, sometimes leaving you almost depleted! After they're born they again take your sleep, then starts the cash doling. I just found that funny. Obviously as a mother I'm more than willing to give and sacrifice. :) Right now I am off to Baby's World to search and conquer the world of strollers and car seats! Wish me luck.