Thursday, June 25, 2009

29 Weeks

B at 29 weeks | Just over 7 months
We're 29 weeks along, or just over 7 months. Getting bigger all the time, it feels like! This morning I went in for my glucose testing - to see if I have gestational diabetes. Basically I go in, sit and wait, drink an orange pop-like beverage, wait an hour in the waiting room, get blood taken out of me, and leave. The orange drink wasn't so bad...I hadn't had an Orange Crush since I was a kid so it was a nice in a nostalgic way...
Random photo: Chris sleeping. Notice how many pillows are needed for comfort.
Not much else to report! Chris and I went to Coldplay with some friends last weekend and it was one of the best concerts we've ever been to. Loved it! We're looking forward to U2 in October. Anyone want to babysit??

Thursday, June 11, 2009

27 Weeks | Third Trimester

27 Weeks - Week one of 3rd trimester! (and I'm not wearing black, grey or orange)
Here I am at 27 weeks, and the first week of the third trimester. The homestretch! It was odd realizing that this is the final third of this pregancy. Both Chris and I realized that we have a lot to do ahead of us: buying a stroller/car seat, cleaning out our closets to make room, not to mention trying to sell our apartment again. Last night I had a dream the baby came early and we had nothing! Yikes. So what's new with the baby? Apparently it's around 2lbs and about 14.5 inches long. I feel it turning and squirming all the time - especially at night and the morning, or when I'm just sitting at my desk at work. At first it was a really cute feeling, and it still is, but sometimes it feels a little creepy. For instance when I know a limb is going from one side to the other...I half expect it to burst out of my stomach, kind of akin to the movie Alien. I feel like my tummy is just growing more and more every day, and I still have so much more to go. Summer's going to be a hot one.