Saturday, September 25, 2010

He Turns One.

It was here, now it's gone: the first birthday! It was definitely a whirlwind of parties, cake, toys, pictures and balloons. I'm not sure how many cupcakes I have consumed this week. I thought it better not to keep, our son's first birthday only comes once. Live it up, right? We began the festivities by throwing Finn a 'family' party. We found this fitting because Finn has eleven grandparents, four great grandparents, one great great grandparent, six uncles, two aunts, several great uncles and great aunts, and just two parents. Although some were not able to make it due to not living anywhere close to the lower mainland, it was quite the shindig!
Five generations!
The boys.
Finn and his great great grandma.
The amazing cake by Karynn's Kupcakes!
Loved this thing.
The fare.
Got used to the cake thing pretty quick.
Then, a whole week later (and his actual birthday in between) we had a friends party, where there were actually other children present. It was almost what you would expect - eight children ranging from six months to four years old running around high on cupcakes and pure adrenaline. It was great. Great, even though I was far less organized for this soiree than the week before. I totally forgot about a cake, so I picked up cupcakes at a local store and my best friend's mother in law (where the party was held) offered to 'whip up' some cupcakes and chocolate icing, complete with piping bag. Wow. I felt like a tool but grateful at the same time, and all ended well. Finn opened more prezzies, ate another cupcake (his last for a long time), got cranky, and fell asleep right after his bath and a book when we got home. And so ends Year One. No more counting by months or weeks, no more nursing, no more formula, no more baby food. I actually have tears in my eyes after writing that sentence. Everyone tells you how fast it goes by, but nobody can prepare you for it. It seems like time slows down when you're in the middle of 3am feedings, exploding diapers and 45 minute nursing sessions, but then all of a sudden you're singing Happy Birthday to a one year old that is almost walking and plays with trucks and eats meatballs.

Well, as this year closes, another one begins. We look forward to it with a brave face and anticipate many more firsts. I heard somewhere once (Okay, it was a TV show. But I'm not telling you which one. Okay fine, it was Alley McBeal) that if you can't look back on the past year and cry at the memories made, it might be considered wasted. This year definitely was not wasted. I don't cry often. But I am. It's been the best year of my entire life.

Love you Finn. We are so glad to be your parents.

Mom and Dad xo