Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Doucette 'GottaHave' List

There are a lot of new mama's out there and they just keep coming! I thought about doing a post like this a while ago - just telling what kind of things I love, and a couple that Finn has loved too. So here goes...hopefully someone out there benefits from it! And everything is under $100. Well more like $75. I'm a little bit cheap.

Arbonne ABC Herbal Diaper Rash Cream - $18
This diaper rash cream is the BEST I have come across. I have used Aveeno and something else I can't remember, and so far this is the only one that has gotten rid of Finn's diaper rash. Not only that, but it was cleared up within a DAY. And sometimes he gets bad rashes. It's good. Real good.

Sony BabyCall baby monitor $50-$70
Does anyone else feel like it's a gamble buying a baby monitor? I was nervous to get one. I didn't know what was good and what was bad, and I didn't want to spend $150 on it. One day Chris and I needed one RIGHTNOW (we were house sitting - usually we were in our one bedroom and therefore didn't need a monitor) and zipped to the drugstore. This was the middle of the road option we went with (I think it was $70, but I've seen it cheaper). And it's fantastic! It has very little static, if any, and it has an option of keeping it turned 'off' unless your baby cries. Kind of like a standby mode. It's handy so you're not constantly listening to the thing, and it saves battery life. It's also rechargable.

IKEA Mula stack and nest cups - $3
This is the best $3 I have ever spent on a toy. These have honestly given Finn literally hours of entertainment. Buy these if you're buying nesting cups! They have different textures and are obviously very colourful.

COSCO Flatfold Highchair - $40
Chris and I did not see a need to spend $300 on a highchair. Well, maybe we just were too cheap. We also wanted something that didn't take up a lot of precious real estate in our small apartment, and this one is great. It folds up easily and pretty flat - it can fit in the coat closet. The tray has a cup holder and comes off to wash, and the seat has a three point harness. We love it! We bought this at WalMart for $40.

Fisher Price play cell phone - $10
Another toy that has saved us many a time. Whether it's at the mall or on car trips, Finn LOVED pressing the buttons and opening and closing it. Pretty sure it was $10, and again - a good investment.

Fisher Price diapers - $30 +/-
Are you like me and cringe when you have to buy diapers? I loath paying that much for something that has the sole purpose of going in the trash. (I feel the same way about toilet paper...) I will admit, I buy the cheaper diapers. These ones are the middle of the road - in between the name brands like Huggies/Pampers, and the generic store brand. They are at WalMart and are about $6 cheaper per box than the bigger brands. In my opinion, they work JUST as good.

DC Toddler shoes - Court Graffix - $40

Honestly, I wouldn't recommend buying expensive shoes for babies until they can walk. Really, what's the point? However, once they are motoring along, I would definitely invest in some durable footwear. We bought these for Finn when he was just starting to walk - you know, the stage of walking, falling, crawling a bit, then doing it all over again. Finn crawled on cement in these much more than once and there isn't ONE scuff on the toes. They still look pretty new and he's almost outgrown them. These were bought at Paul's Boutique at Guildford Mall in Surrey for about $40. (Worth it, trust me! And how cool do they look?!)

The First Years - Ignite red stripe stroller - $50

Our 'real' stroller is a Phil&Teds, and it's kind of much to lug around for quick pop-ins to the store. I wanted something to keep in the trunk and was easy to unfold and fold back up. I heard from friends that the $20 umbrella strollers weren't the best. Then I saw this one at WalMart for $50. It's come in handy many, many, many times! Pretty much every time we go out and stop somewhere unexpectedly. Kids are good in it til 50lbs and it even comes with a cup holder and little zip pouch. This photo doesn't show it but it does have a basket underneath. We keep it in the trunk of our car.

Do you have a 'gottahave' list?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mom and Me

Okay, FINE - I know this blog is called 'littledouce', and I haven't updated since December, minus the new house post. So here is a photo of the Little Douce and me, taken today. It's one of my favourites to date, and the reason is twofold: 1) Finn has this cute little grin, and 2) this was only the second take. Might be a once in a lifetime event.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


History has been made. After almost two years of emotional highs and lows, frustration, prayer and hope, our condo has been...wait...S-O-L-D. Sold! Now that red sticker on the realtor sign is for OUR (old) apartment. The same week we sold our place, we found a new one we will be moving in to. Sometimes it's hard to believe that we're finally getting out of this place. That Finn will have his own room, mom and dad will have their very own room. Heck, the computer is even getting its own room. We have stairs. A hallway. Closets to put stuff in. A dining area. A small yard. A garage. A door mat. When I look out the window I see other yards and people, not the side of a grey fence.

Needless to say, we are pumped. So pumped and eager that we had this great idea to paint the living room and kitchen of our new home. FYI, the Doucettes hate projects that take an extended amount of time and commitment. You know, like painting your house. The priming, twice...the picking a colour, the painting it...twice. AGH. For me it's the pressure of perfection - not colouring outside of the lines type of thing. That's just me. And, the possibility of having the colour look completely different on the wall than it does on the swatch. I'm also the type of person that often will start something, get tired of it or freak out because I don't know what I'm doing, and toss it. I did this once with a batch of cookies. I did it numerous times in school with projects (not recommended).

Alas, we are seeing this to the end. If you come over, the walls will be a nice shade of grey or two, not white primer. So please have three cheers for us in your day today. Photos of the finished product to come soon. Yayers! For now, a work in progress...

White white white
More white white white
Chris doing a sexy lunge.