Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Christmas Christmas!

Christmas was awesome. Holidays with kids are so much richer, and gives it that much more meaning. Finn was so awesome...from Christmas with my dad, my other dad, Chris' dad/stepmom, and finally the trek to Osoyoos to spend it with my mom, he was so good and enjoyed every second.

Opening gifts at GG's and Papa's house. Christmas is all about the kids.
Here are the highlights of Christmas 2010:

My Nanny, dad Marlin, me and Finn.

Grandparents that I had not seen in about 15+ years - amazing reunion!

Dad Terry, and sis and brother Shay and Chad.

Finn playing a little chopsticks on the keys...

Keeping up with the tradition - matching PJ's!
The boys in matching Santa hats...ha. Papa is being cheeky.

Funny face photo - Caitlyn wins.
Waiting for morning!

My ma is a beaut.

People say I look like my mom.

My brother is Chef Boyardee.
Chris wants a ukulele - he plunked on my Papa's all week!

This hood makes his head look huge. And hilarious.


Little waddler.
Finn's brand new wagon! Wasn't sure about it at first.

This is a beautiful sight every morning!

Oh boy...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

From the Week.

Here are some photos of this week. Missing from this is when we went to Dublin Crossing for a birthday dinner with friends! Chris organized it and surprised me with our friends there. Lots of fun!
Just a photo of me and my son.

This is Finn's first work of art!

The advent calendar I bought. Quite quaint, yes?

This hat makes me want to eat his little cheeks.

This looks like a craft one might make at Brownies, but I made it all by myself and I'm darn proud. This is my embroirdery skills from grade seven, so not bad! It currently hangs on our tree with pride.

This week Finn started this weird face where he smiles and stiffens his face and hands. We laugh, and he does it again, and again, and again. (And again)

Church was amazing. So simple. It was stripped of all the media, video announcements, loud music, and was just simple and lovely. A nice change. Makes me so excited for Christmas at church and celebrating Jesus.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

From the Week.

Here is what some of our week looked like:

We saw the Hedgehog. Chris has NEVER wanted to get his picture with anything else, ever.
I took Finn to a toddler drop in thing at the YMCA. He liked it...he basically spent the entire time running around the gym. This was at the end when he was winding down a bit.

It snowed, and he looks ultra cute in his winter gear!

We set up our little tiny tree. Still needs a topper.

Chris went through an old box in storage where some Christmas stuff was hiding. This is the bear Jim (his stepdad) gave him long ago. It was Jim's when he was a kid! He was well loved. His name is Putz, or something along those lines.

Also found: Mr. Froggy, Chris' childhood companion. Finn likes him.

Best Christmas decoration. You bet it's on our tree.
Also found: "Chris Cool Mix". We will obviously be popping that in our discman.
Finn LOVES mandarin oranges.

And Finn loves Mr. Froggy.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Family Photo Session: Take One

Here are some pictures from our family photo session with Frances Eden Creative!

This day was very short - Finn was ultra fussy and wouldn't be without his soother, and he didn't want to be held, which made for an interesting hour. It was my fault for scheduling this session around his nap time. What was I thinking?! Seriously. At least you can't tell from these pictures! We decided to finish the session at a later time. Frances is terrific.

All in all, I think they turned out pretty darn good! It helps to have a cute little child.