Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Walker, Texas Ranger

It has begun. We have a little walker on our hands. Since this video was taken, which was last week, he has come even further and is more confident about walking. He even walks backwards. I know, genius. I'm going to train him to do the Thriller dance for Halloween. (I have to say, please excuse the mess. In my defense, I DO have a toddler...)

Here's a few photos from the past little while that I hope will bring sunshine, rainbows, and maybe even a few dew drops to your day.

Hard core kid.
He's on the blockwatch committee.

Did you know I can fit my fist in my mouth?
Post-nap hair and post-nap 'tude.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Giving Thanks

We had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend. Chris's mom and boyfriend came down and we got to host dinner at our place. It was great - we had roast, mashed potatoes, veggies, stuffing (Chris insisted), and I even made an apple pie. It was a little patchy looking, but the taste was there. Tres yummy.

We also received some incredible news - Finn is getting another cousin! We were so happy. Chris' brother Dan and his wife Christine, obviously, are expecting their first child in June. YAY! I can't wait.

Of course, reflecting on thankfulness is a must nobody can help this time of year. It's kind of in the title of the holiday - Thanksgiving Day. About a month ago I read what Canadian Parliament defined Thanksgiving Day as:

A Day of General Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed…

I love that. Our country truly has been blessed, and I give credit of every blessing to God. I am blessed to live here, with the freedom to worship God himself, to have a family, to have a home, to have a marriage, to have as many children as we want. It's a blessing that we actually have four seasons - rain in the spring (ok, let's face it, year round), warm sun in the summer, snow in the winter, and my favourite, autumn, with the gorgeous colours and crisp air. We're minutes from beaches, cities and country. There is so much to love! So, this Thanksgiving I give thanks to the Almighty for everything in which we have been given. Every good and perfect gift comes from him.

Finn was fond of Mike! New buddies.
The fam - mom to be in the middle!
Finn loved eating with everyone!
I promised my mom a picture of my roast. Here it is...almost forgot.
Grams brought presents for his birthday. Peter the Pirate jack in the box!