Friday, October 23, 2009

Month One: Down.

 Wearing a new little outfit complete with big pants and little train shoes!

One of Finn's first smiles, caught on camera!

I'm not sure if I have ever experienced a month that went by faster than this one! It's been a wild ride and I think we're getting used to the craziness of parenthood. You know, the nights of less sleep, the crying and soothing, the diapers, and everything else that goes along with this life. So what has happened from September 21 to today?

Family Visits

Some of Finn's grandparents (he has 12 in total) came from out of town to visit. The only downside was when they all had to leave! First we had Jim and Karen from Edmonton (Papa and Granny) fly in. They stayed just for the went by too fast!

Then we had Karen and Mike from Prince George (Grams and Grandpa Mike) in the next week, when Finn was three weeks old. We wish all Finn's grandparents lived closer!

Finn experienced his first holiday - Thanksgiving - at Grandad's and Grammy's (Bruce and Karen's). It was great except Finn decided he wanted to eat the second mom sat down to have dinner with everyone, thus causing mom to miss out on dinner with everyone. Sigh - such is life.

We're pretty pumped about what the next month will bring to the Doucette household - lots of smiles and laughter!


  1. Same thing happened to me this Thanksgiving. Seriously. I got one mouthful of food in with the whole family there. Alas... it was all still good micro-waved :)
    Congrats on month one!

  2. Love the pic of him smiling, B... he looks so much like you in that pic! You have a beautiful boy.