Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sleeping Babe

This is Finn sleeping in my most favourite position. I LOVE it when babies sleep with their arms to the side, like they're lifting a heavy box of bottles and milk in their dreams. I had to take a risk of him waking up and take this photo to remember or else I knew I would regret it forever. So, I took the photo and ran out of the bedroom like a bat out of hell.

And yes, he is still in a basinette and no he doesn't really fit in it. If you saw our shoebox of a house, you would understand.


  1. Well, wether or not he "fits" in the bassinette, he sure looks comfy in it! (This is also one of my favourite baby sleep positions!) xoxo to Finn! Kristy

  2. Finn is SO adorable! Chase used to sleep like that too. Oh, how I miss those days. Good for you for grabbing a picture!!!

  3. Great photo - he looks so peaceful and cute!