Monday, July 4, 2011

SheLoves Half Marathon: Week 1 (Run for Your Sisters)

`Hey y'all, I'm just going to get straight to the point here: I'm running a half marathon in September. *double take* WHAT? It's true. Last Saturday (one week ago today!) I signed up for this. I have this friend that had a vision to do this herself, and to raise $2500 to pay for reconstructive surgery for women that have been mutilated be LRA Soldiers in Uganda. (Read Tina's story here)

Once I saw this, it was like God took a match and struck it on my heart, and a flame was ignited. Already many other girls, many of them friends from our church, were getting on board. It was one of those things that every time I thought of it, I began to tear up. My heart pounded, and I couldn't stop thinking about it. So I went out on a limb, signed up, and paid my entry fee for the run. That was on Saturday, and Sunday I began running. I dug out (literally) these old sad 'running shoes' I remembered I had somewhere in a box. I dressed myself in my yoga pants, put on two bras, a tee-shirt, stretched, grabbed my iPod (does anyone else always type 'iPood'?) and stood at the door. Here we go! 

I stood at this treadmill for five minute pressing buttons to no avail.

The first run was what I expected it to be- TOUGH. I remember huffing and puffing, my face hot and tomato-like, and wondering how much longer it was going to be. Still had ten minutes. OF MY FIFTEEN MINUTE RUN. Then this song came on - Dog Days are Over by Florence and the Machine. There's a line in the chorus that says

Run for your children, for your sisters, for your brothers...

That line, mainly just run for your sisters, has been on constant repeat in my head this whole week. Honestly, it sounds like a skipping record. Run for your for your for your sisters... That's what I'm doing - running for my sisters in Uganda. My sisters that had their dignity violently stolen, and had backs turned on them from the people they loved and trusted. Thinking of that made motivated me to keep going. At the end, I was sweaty, red-faced, and noodle-legged.

Me after run #2. You can't see the redness of my face, but know it is there.

Last run of week one! New shoes, new sports bra and feeling pretty great. :)
The next day, though, was easier. So was day three, four, five and six. I am currently running five days a week, which 500% more excersize than what I was doing before. It feels challenging, and great at the same time. The fact that this whole thing is for a great cause is what motivates me. Otherwise I'm not sure I would have got passed Day One.

Please take a second to see why we are doing this- Watoto Living Hope. (we are currently working on sponsorship details, if you feel so inclined to sponsor me!)

Week Two...let's do this.

I think this is where the image is from: loveartalways


  1. good for you! i'm going to start praying for God to kick me into gear to get fit and help people at the same time, it's awesome.
    and i love that song.

  2. love this post, B. so glad we're friends.

  3. Aww B! You're adorable even post run. I look like such a disaster post-run! GOOD.FOR.YOU!

    Florence is awesome for those those minutes when your mind is screaming "This needs to be over. NOW!"

    Where'd you get your sports bra? I need a new one? Mine isn't cutting it.

    Love that we made it into Week 2! WOOOHOO!!!

  4. Thanks but I think it was the Instagram filter that hid the imperfections!

    I got the sports bra from Costco actually. It was $23 for a two-pack. Works for me!