Thursday, February 12, 2009

10 Weeks...

Well, we've hit the double digits! Sometimes I think I am showing, sometimes not. I'm feeling a little sicker than I was before, and I am hoping it doesn't get any worse! I know I have been so blessed because I haven't felt too sick, just a bit nauseous here and there. I have some 'food aversions', and so far the only smell that drives me insane is onions! (Even thinking about it makes my stomach turn...blech) Today I was on the phone with a couple of midwife places, trying to see if they have room for us come September. So far it sounds okay...I am first on the waiting list for one and the other will be calling me back in the next couple weeks. We're asking that you please pray for us to get a midwife that we will 'get along' with, and soon!


  1. Hi B. This is SO exciting!
    I'm glad you are blogging your experiences. I've signed up to 'follow' your blog, so I will be catching up with it whenever you write :) See you soon,

  2. Aw thanks Raina! I thought it would be a good idea since we both have family scattered everywhere, they can kind of see what's happening. Woot woot for babies!

  3. Chris and Brandi-Lee, How cool to be apart of your wonderful experience from so far will make terrific parents,the best of luck to you both...Aunt Chrissy