Thursday, June 25, 2009

29 Weeks

B at 29 weeks | Just over 7 months
We're 29 weeks along, or just over 7 months. Getting bigger all the time, it feels like! This morning I went in for my glucose testing - to see if I have gestational diabetes. Basically I go in, sit and wait, drink an orange pop-like beverage, wait an hour in the waiting room, get blood taken out of me, and leave. The orange drink wasn't so bad...I hadn't had an Orange Crush since I was a kid so it was a nice in a nostalgic way...
Random photo: Chris sleeping. Notice how many pillows are needed for comfort.
Not much else to report! Chris and I went to Coldplay with some friends last weekend and it was one of the best concerts we've ever been to. Loved it! We're looking forward to U2 in October. Anyone want to babysit??


  1. ah yes, the orange pop. i didn't find it too bad either, i was afraid to try it after all the stories i'd heard of it being awful and people throwing it up.
    i love your belly. is that a weird thing for me to say?

  2. Yeah, I was hearing all these "IT'S SO GROSS" stories, but it wasn't that bad! It would have been nicer if I didn't have to down it all in two minutes though.

    And I don't think it's weird you like my belly. It's better than you hating it, right?

  3. I wanna babysit! haha

  4. Please let Me Babysit :)