Monday, November 23, 2009


This Sunday, we had the joy of dedicating Finn to God in front of some of our family, friends and church family. Through the years I've seen many babies get dedicated on the stage of our church and I've always imagined myself standing there with my husband and family doing the same, so it was wonderfully strange to finally do it ourselves. Finn did so well! He quietly sat in Pastor John's arms while he prayed over him. Here is something that might add a chuckle in your day: literally just when Pastor John called us to the stage, Finn decided it to be a great time to load his pants.



In other news, Finn is smiling so much now. Pretty much whenever you smile at him, he smiles right back. We love it! Farting noises also work well. He's already such a boy.


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  1. cute pictures :)
    you'll find yourself saying "he's such a boy" often, i'm sure. it's weird how it's just naturally built-in right from the start.