Monday, January 4, 2010

First Christmas

December 2009 is Finn's first Christmas. We went to four grandparent's houses, and that didn't even cover all the grandparents. Christmas is going to be a crazy holiday in the Doucette household, and I hope our kids can keep up with the madness. (They don't really have a choice, actually) Finn has 12 grandparents, not counting great grandparents, all with a different name to remember. We'll see how that pans out in a years time...

Over the holidays, Finn encountered some firsts: first time he grabbed something and stuffed it in his mouth. First look at snow. First squeels.

Anyway here are some photos of Finn's first Christmas:

First Christmas: Grandpa's house.

Second Christmas: Grandpa and Lori's (I'm trying to convince dad to be called Dido but so far he's not down with that)


Third Christmas: Grandad and Grammy's

Fourth Christmas: GG and Papa's, Grandma's and Mikes in Osoyoos. This photo makes my heart melt!

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  1. cute pictures!
    just call each and every grandparent "grandma" or "grandpa" and let finn assume all older people are his grandparents ;)