Thursday, February 18, 2010

Roll Over.

Another amazing feat by our son: the back-to-front roll over! And that's the hard one. On Saturday February 13 while we were house sitting Chris' dad and stepmom's place, we had Finn on the counter while we ate lunch. (Since he refused to be alone on his playmat) As Chris was cleaning up the lunch stuff and I was still eating (common occurrance) Finn rolled to his side and just continued to go until he was on his tummy! GOOD THING I was there to make sure he didn't roll right on to the floor. Not only could have hurt himself but the dog could have mistook him for table scraps and nibbled at him. Whew.

So now that he has learned this new trick he does it any time he can, even when he doesn't want to be on his stomach, he feels like he has to do it. He will roll over then whine until I come over and put him on his back again, play with some toys and two minutes later he's on his stomach crying again. Sigh.

Our boy is growing so fast.


  1. Yay Finn! It won't be long now that he is moving around and making you chase after him! They grow SO fast! xoxo Kristy

  2. cute, good job finn!
    rolling over from back to stomach and not being able to go back again was the only way elliott would do tummy time :)

  3. Love the pictures for this post! How did you do that?!

  4. Oh, a little thing called Photoshop! One of my best friends.