Saturday, January 23, 2010

First Icky Cold

I know this is not a happy milestone, but a milestone nonetheless. Finn is sick for the first time in his life. It's a first for us as parents, too - caring for a little baby that sometimes sounds like an eighty year old smoker. Despite this, Finn still has his little happy face on, even when he hacks and sounds like one of his lungs is coming up with all that yummy mucus. We are hoping this will pass very's hard to see your baby go through it when he can't blow his nose or clear his little throat.

We've had a few remedy theories handed to us by friends, including Vick's Vapo Rub under the nose/on the chest/on the feet, raising the mattress with towels to ease the congestion, saline solution followed up by a good vaccum with those nose vaccum things. Last night we tried raising the mattress by sticking towels under it and I think that helped. I did get up a few times in the night to put his soother in his mouth when he woke up from coughing, but it was manageable. Hopefully tonight will be better. God speed, little buddy!

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