Thursday, March 11, 2010

Third Anniversary

Chris and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary on March 10. It was a great day - Chris slept (he worked a nightshift the evening before), I made a trip to H&M and got a couple sweet clothing items, dropped by the Cupcakes store to get a treat for us and back. We enjoyed our cupcakes while Finn napped, then later Jenna came over to babysit while we enjoyed a dinner at Joey's and even caught a MOVIE. (I have not stepped in a theatre since before Finn was born, so it was an event) It was Alice in Wonderland, if you were wondering.

Then we came home and Jenna and Koby left. Finn wakes up. Finn does not go back to sleep until 12:45am. The bottle of wine is still sitting unopened on the counter.

So goes life when you have children - predictability goes out the window. Such is life...we're learning to adapt!

Trying to get the timer right...

There. Our sole anniversary photo. I am eating a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting, Chris a chocolate cupcake with chocolate ganache. He's a chocolate freak.

Last week we went for a LOVELY stroll at one of our favourite spots, the Westminster Quay. Here are some photos for your personal enjoyment.

This a view of the mountains and the Patullo Bridge. Photos never do the view justice, really.

This is me and Finn. You can't see Finn, but he is there.

Chris and Finn. Finn's having a good time.

Just us. Finn wanted to get a photo of the two of us.

Sucking on his lip equals this cute face.

A day ends with a lunch at the Heritage Cafe. YUM.

 "Don't mind if I do." Yoink.


  1. Your son is so gosh darn cute!!!

  2. Glad you celebrated your anniversary! A momentous occasion indeed, even if one of you had to sit on the chair with the Bumbo.

  3. cute pictures. happy anniversary!
    judging by the table, chairs and dishes i can see in your pictures i'm pretty sure i'd be very jealous of the cute things you have in your house.