Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cravings, Take 2.

During my pregnancy with Finn, I craved two things, and they often had to go together:
  1. Ice
  2. Carbonated water (Bonus if it was lemon/lime flavour)
For this pregnancy I haven't had many cravings thus far. Since there is only less than two months to go, I'm not sure if I will develop any new ones. However, if my life depended on me telling someone what I craved this pregnancy, it would be two things. Nay, three:
  1. Anything coconut (regular coconut stuff, coconut curry, and basically anything that says to add coconut milk)
  2. Carbonated water (I don't know if this counts because I never stopped drinking it)
  3. Black licorice babies. (NOT the ones found at Superstore. Barf)
Once, in a moment of desperation, I tried tonic water. NOT THE SAME THING. Probably the most revolting beverage I have ever allowed in my mouth.

I am interested to see what I will crave when I start nursing...when I first started nursing Finn, I craved chocolate like a mofo. I have never needed chocolate in my whole life except during that time. Basically, if you stood in the way of me and said chocolate, someone was going down. And it wasn't me. Or the chocolate. Stay tuned for that one...

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