Monday, July 9, 2012

Prince George-in It.

Summer time = road trip time. First stop: Prince George, BC.

Chris' mom and boyfriend live there (AKA Grams and Grandpa Mike) and we organized for us and Chris' older brother Mike and his family to go at the same time, so our kids could meet. It was the coolest thing seeing the four of them play together! Unfortunately Joey, the youngest, wasn't able to get in on some of the fun because he had a broken leg. So sad! He was a great sport though.

Finn playing "football" with Jamie and Jesse
This is Joey. :)

Mike and Kristy also brought the family dog, Rio. Finn loved her, and I think she loved another playmate!

This is Grams entertaining the kids in the rain. Rain was a common occurrence the whole weekend. I think the kids started getting batty (or was it us adults?) so we took them outside in the rain. Bubble popping was a very popular activity.

Finn discovered caterpillars for the first time. It was so cute seeing him be so gentle with them. He would watch it crawl along, pick it up and put it on his arm, put it back on the bench, then watch it again. Then do the same thing. The poor creature was probably scared out of its tiny little mind.

Some other highlights:

Mike and Chris were super excited about their ride!

Finn discovered "CHEESE!" 
Tiny table, lots of life and fun. :)

Finn and Grams

Finn and Grandpa Mike

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