Sunday, November 28, 2010

From the Week.

Here is what some of our week looked like:

We saw the Hedgehog. Chris has NEVER wanted to get his picture with anything else, ever.
I took Finn to a toddler drop in thing at the YMCA. He liked it...he basically spent the entire time running around the gym. This was at the end when he was winding down a bit.

It snowed, and he looks ultra cute in his winter gear!

We set up our little tiny tree. Still needs a topper.

Chris went through an old box in storage where some Christmas stuff was hiding. This is the bear Jim (his stepdad) gave him long ago. It was Jim's when he was a kid! He was well loved. His name is Putz, or something along those lines.

Also found: Mr. Froggy, Chris' childhood companion. Finn likes him.

Best Christmas decoration. You bet it's on our tree.
Also found: "Chris Cool Mix". We will obviously be popping that in our discman.
Finn LOVES mandarin oranges.

And Finn loves Mr. Froggy.

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