Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Christmas Christmas!

Christmas was awesome. Holidays with kids are so much richer, and gives it that much more meaning. Finn was so awesome...from Christmas with my dad, my other dad, Chris' dad/stepmom, and finally the trek to Osoyoos to spend it with my mom, he was so good and enjoyed every second.

Opening gifts at GG's and Papa's house. Christmas is all about the kids.
Here are the highlights of Christmas 2010:

My Nanny, dad Marlin, me and Finn.

Grandparents that I had not seen in about 15+ years - amazing reunion!

Dad Terry, and sis and brother Shay and Chad.

Finn playing a little chopsticks on the keys...

Keeping up with the tradition - matching PJ's!
The boys in matching Santa hats...ha. Papa is being cheeky.

Funny face photo - Caitlyn wins.
Waiting for morning!

My ma is a beaut.

People say I look like my mom.

My brother is Chef Boyardee.
Chris wants a ukulele - he plunked on my Papa's all week!

This hood makes his head look huge. And hilarious.


Little waddler.
Finn's brand new wagon! Wasn't sure about it at first.

This is a beautiful sight every morning!

Oh boy...

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