Sunday, December 5, 2010

From the Week.

Here are some photos of this week. Missing from this is when we went to Dublin Crossing for a birthday dinner with friends! Chris organized it and surprised me with our friends there. Lots of fun!
Just a photo of me and my son.

This is Finn's first work of art!

The advent calendar I bought. Quite quaint, yes?

This hat makes me want to eat his little cheeks.

This looks like a craft one might make at Brownies, but I made it all by myself and I'm darn proud. This is my embroirdery skills from grade seven, so not bad! It currently hangs on our tree with pride.

This week Finn started this weird face where he smiles and stiffens his face and hands. We laugh, and he does it again, and again, and again. (And again)

Church was amazing. So simple. It was stripped of all the media, video announcements, loud music, and was just simple and lovely. A nice change. Makes me so excited for Christmas at church and celebrating Jesus.

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