Monday, November 1, 2010


I can't believe this is Finn's SECOND Halloween. It's old hat to him now. Well, sort of. Are we the lame-o parents that didn't dress our one year old up for Halloween and take him trick or treating in a stroller? Yes. Honestly, the reason is, the 25% of me that is Dutch was itching...I didn't want to spend $30 on a costume he would not only wear once, but would only wear once for like an hour. WE'RE LAME, CHEAP PARENTS.

We did give him a nice 'stache and a bow tie. We will say he went as Fancy Finn.

Others had some fun with the moustaches as well. Well, some of us did.

Cohen is not a moustache man.
This is Finn and his BFF Cohen. Up to no good already.


  1. I totally understand, I am 100% Dutch, so imagine how I feel about this. Wait till Children's Place puts their costumes on sale.. like 2 weeks before Halloween you could buy a $25 costume for $5. Not bad! However, I like the mustache... it works too! :)

  2. We didn't get Piper a costume either (well, she wore orange and black all day, but that was it). Also her second halloween, also kinda dutch, also lamo cheap parents. But I figure if she doesn't care, why the flip should I? Wait another year or two, and then let him pick out his costume, and then you know he cares about it. My niece is 3 and could not stop talking about her unicorn costume. She wore it all the time. See? She cares.
    If Piper doesn't care, I won't. I think it's the one holiday you can forfeit.
    But I am all for looking for cheap stuff the days after the holiday!

  3. Ok, that makes me feel a little better! There were just so many moms dressing up their newborns (which was super super cute) but I just couldn't justify paying the money for that costume. If I found a deal, I totally would have done it but they were all sold out by the time the sales hit, and the ones they had left were dumb. Or huge. Or tiny. You get the idea.

    Frances, you make an excellent point. I shall consider this for next year. Thank you. :)