Thursday, May 5, 2011

Best Friends.

Since Finn has decided to grow up and get a hair cut, he has decided that Dad will be his best friend. Whenever Chris is around or off work for a couple days, Finn follows him around like Chester the Terrier, always at Chris' side. He wants 'up' all the time and cries when Chris goes to the bathroom. It's hilarious. They play Hot Wheels together, read books together, play Lego...all the fun boy stuff that mom's are supposed to stay out of. Is this just a natural part of boy genes? Cars, laughing at farts, Lego, and Thomas? 

I knew that Finn held his father in high esteem when one time the three of us (well, the two of them but I was trying to butt myself in) were playing with the car ramp thing, and I as the mother of course thought Finn was way too cute to leave him standing there, so I was trying to give him kisses. Finn calmly walked over to the books, picked one up and handed it to me, and continued on with his playtime with dad. He didn't act annoyed or shove me away, but it was definitely his way of saying, "Mom, get out of here. This here is man stuff. Oh and stop kissing me, it's lame." 

And, side note - I'm not jealous, at all. I might joke about it, but I can't think of a better dad for Finn than Chris. I'm so happy that Finn already finds things he likes about his father, and really loves just being with him. I can handle being the one that he comes to for snacks. :) 



  1. I think thats awesome. My poor husband would be so jealous of your hubby. When Malachi needs someone (and by someone it's always mommy), and Ted walks over to him, all you hear is "NO!!!" I keep telling him one day it will be all about daddy and mommy will be the one to go to for snacks! :)

  2. so sweet! colin and elliott have a special bond when it comes to playtime that i'll never understand, which is fine with me because i'd rather colour and play with barbies than play hotwheels and wrestle.
    the last picture cracks me up, so awesome.
    and your house looks so cute!

  3. I think we need to run this post with words and music... courtesy of Chris and your genius on our Fathers Day service... love it. Really, really love it. xoxox

  4. Amazing, blessed! You have a beautiful family B!