Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Big Haircut

Ah, the first haircut. It doesn't seem like much to many people, but moms know the significance. It's a point when your baby becomes a little boy, and is no longer mistaken for being an adorable little girl that happens to wear boy clothes. For the rest of the day after Finn got his first haircut, I chased him around with our camera, snapping photos of what felt like our newly grown up little boy. Am I weird for thinking this? Maybe...but I don't think I'm alone here! I...?

Sitting good for Aunty Jenna!
A reward for his hard work...
Lunch time, and suddenly four years old.


  1. i remember giving Elijah his first made me sad :( he's had another since...definitely makes him look older!

  2. oh you are NOT alone, it happens to me still every time i give elliott a hair cut.
    finn's cut looks awesome, he's SO flippin' cute!