Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Time Travel.

If Time Travel were possible, I might go back five and a half years I would ask Chris to get me this ring.

Wait, scratch that. I would go back the aforementioned 5.5 years, find out the winning jackpot numbers of the lottery, get back in to the Delorian, go back a couple more weeks, buy a lottery ticket, win said lottery, THEN ask Chris to purchase this ring to ask me to marry him. Then he would have the $20,000 to do so. WHO WOULDN'T WANT a vintage 1925 Tiffany and Co. engagement ring set in platinum? WHO, I ask?!

From Etsy

Hello, I'm not done yet. After this engagement took place, I would then express my love and need for this pretty vintage eternity wedding band, also set in platinum. Tiffany can't sit alone on my little hand, right? It wouldn't be right.

From Etsy, too!

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