Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Learning About Parenthood

Since becoming pregnant, I find myself observing parenting techniques of my friends and others that have kids. My latest observation is how much patience it takes to do everything. I have always heard it takes patience to raise kids, but I've really started noticing this in many simple situations. Take eating for example. I have observed our friends, Destiny and Josh at dinnertime on numerous occasions with their almost-two-year-old, Ruby. The other day we were at a friends house for a birthday dinner and Ruby was eating her lasagna with a side of broccoli. Of course, like most kids, she ate all the lasagna first, leaving two or three florets of broccoli untouched. Now, all parents want their kids to eat their veggies so they get their nutrients, but kids don't understand the concept of nutrition and you can't just tell them, "Eat your veggies so you don't get rickets!" (Well you can, but whether they will understand or not is left to wonder) Sometimes parents have to give the old, "Eat two more bites and then you are done.", which Destiny did. But kids don't just nod their head and quickly stuff the two bites in their mouth...there's stalling, trying to pawn it off on someone else, trying to dump it in their juice, taking a bite then spitting it out again...all the while mom is trying to get her to just eat it. Finally, after about ten minutes of Ruby taking her last two bites (and making us laugh), she's done and off playing. It was actually a humourous scene, but I know it takes much patience to do that three times a day, every day. I will be praying for patience for Chris and I once the Little Douce comes along...I know we're going to need it!

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  1. This is funny. Mealtime is the worst part of my day. Well, the worst three parts. You have so much great stuff in store...