Monday, March 30, 2009

17 Weeks

Brandi-Lee at 17 weeks! Not much change from the last photo...
Not a load to update right now, but we are very excited to have booked our 20-week ultrasound for April 16. I don't know if I can wait that long to see a little Douce in there with actual arms and legs, and a head...a little more than Mr. or Miss Blob we first saw at eight weeks! This Thursday we also have our first meeting with the midwife, which we're also pretty pumped about. The downside is Chris won't be there because he's off playing guitar at a conference in Red Deer. I'm happy he gets to go but bummed he won't be here for the first meeting. There will be many more to come though! On another note, I'm pretty sure I may have felt a little movement in the tummy. It's that fluttery type of feeling every once in a while. I'm sure if you have ever had a baby you might know what I'm talking about. (I guess that would apply to girls only...) It's just hard to tell the difference between that and if it was the piece of pizza I ate! HAVE ADVICE? One thing we are trying to figure out is how we're going to organize our bedroom once the baby comes. We have buttloads of purging to do in our closets to make room, but our actual room is tight as it is, nevermind with yet another human plus their bedding supplies! Any suggestions on how to make it work? So far we have thought about getting rid of our dresser and just using the closet. If you have tips on having a child in a small one-bedroom apartment, we are open!


  1. This is a bit controversial, but I say cribs are way overrated. Both Jesse and Jamie slept/sleep in our bed from almost day one and we all (mostly) love it. We're very much into "Attachement Parenting" and having the kids in bed with us just strengthens our family bond. Of course it gets a bit crowded as the kids get bigger, but it doesn't have to be forever! Also, although we loved our changing table for Jesse, beds, couches and the floor have worked just fine for Jamie! By the way, I'm so so happy for you guys! xoxo Kristy

  2. Thanks Kristy! Cool to hear everyone's suggestions and whatnot. And we definitely will not be getting a change table - we have enough issues looking for a place to put everything else! The floor will work great. :)