Thursday, April 16, 2009

19 Weeks & Ultrasound

Brandi-Lee at 19 weeks
Our baby! (a picture of a picture...)
Another photo of our baby. Let's face it, it kind of looks like something that would haunt you in your sleep.
Today was fantastic! Chris and I went for our ultrasound and it was incredible. Again, it was tough to drink all that water and not pee, but I persevered and all was well (I didn't wet my pants). After my time with the technician, him pressing HARD on my stomach at some points, he called Chris in. The baby was moving all around, nodded it's head and moved its cute! I was so happy Chris was able to witness that. I can feel some stuff in there when the baby moves around so it might feel a bit more 'real' to me, so the fact that Chris was able to experience that made me happy. As we looked at our baby move around it was hard to keep the smile off my was almost surreal to think that was our baby! OURS. Wow. Chris' thoughts on seeing the baby: So a lot of the time the reality of us being pregnant doesn't seem to set in. My body isn't the one that's changing (at least due to pregnancy), I don't feel anything move in my belly, I don't have nauseous spells or weird cravings so the fact that there is a child growing in B's tummy often slips my mind. Even looking at a photo of the ultra sound doesn't seem real. That being said, today I saw my child moving in Brandi-Lee's uterus and it was RAD! Good to see lil' Deuce rolling around in there, snug as a bug, having it made in the shade. To see life, real and healthy is what I think I needed to see to help me somehow connect with my child. Now if I could start teaching guitar chords in utero...hmmm Mugging News - totally unrelated to pregnancy. If you haven't yet you can read our mugging store here. As we drove back from our appointment, I saw a guy riding his bike wearing a black hooded coat, wearing a black hat. He looked over his shoulder for some reason and it hit me - "Chris! That's him" I said. "Who? What are you talking about?" Chris looked around. "The guy that mugged us! That's him!" I was yelling by this time. Chris asked if I was serious and stopped the car, got his phone out and took a photo of him! He then proceeded to drive and yelled out the window, "I GOT YOUR PICTURE BUDDY! I GOT YOUR PICTURE NOW!" (George Costanza style) I wasn't looking (half out of embarassment) but Chris said he put his hood up and looked the other way. I have no idea if the RCMP will even care about the photo, but if nothing else comes from it, I hope we scared the pants of that dude.


  1. What a beautiful little baby! Congratulations you guys on one of the most special days! Do you know if it will be a little "douce" or a "doucette"? I guess it will be a Doucette anyway. Maybe a "doucette-ette"? Okay, how about this - will I be an Aunty or an Uncle? Okay, this is me trying to be funny - but not working! Probably keeping it a surprise anyway! Take care Mummy and Daddy! xoxoKristy

  2. Further to my comment - I know that the Douce/Doucette joke is lame and probably you've heard it a million times - but since I am a Doucette I think I have the right to use the joke. Haha. xoKristy

  3. Ha! We don't know and we're keeping it a surprise. And I still think the Douce/Doucette joke is funny!

  4. YAY YAY YAY!!! What a cool moment for you guys... and I loved how you each described it.

    Also - may that punk on the bike be the one to pee his pants.

  5. Karen Stuart (Jim's Karen!)April 16, 2009 at 10:05 PM

    Thanks for sharing the first photos of our new little grand-baby! So many grandparents for such a little guy/gal! Tons 'o love to go around for sure. We are all so excited for you - it's such a very special time and I'm glad you are enjoying it so much. The nine months may seem like an eternity but, believe me, it is just a fleeting moment in time so take it all in. Thanks for the updates. Love Karen & Jim xo