Thursday, April 2, 2009

First Midwife Appointment

What I peed on. No, those are not my fingers. Google.
I just returned from our very first midwife appointment (sadly, without my 'partner', Chris). It was pretty much full of form-filling and family history-telling but it was great. I didn't feel rushed and it felt very personal - not at all like going to the walk-in clinic of times past with a doctor that just wants to rush you out of there. It was great! After the in-depth interview, she got me to lay on the couch so she could feel where the baby is. After prodding a little she determined that he/she is just around and a little below my belly button. Movin' on up! This is where I wish Chris were there...I got to hear the baby's heartbeat again! It was funny because the midwife was trying to get it but our little Douce kept running away from her so she would get it then two seconds later she lost it, then she would chase him down and he would dart away again! She said he's (or she?) a very playful baby already. Ha! Once we were able to get him/her settled in a spot, that weird heartbeat sound filled the room. It was awesome and I almost teared up a bit! Almost. Embarassing Moment at the Doctors #1 They got me to pee on a stick to test for gestational sugar (or something? I don't know - I'm still new at this) and I walked out of the bathroom in to a group of five ladies chatting and laughing. They all turned and looked at me as I'm standing in a dark doorway holding a thin plastic strip with my urine hanging off the end, and all I could say was, "I have this stick thingy..." They chuckled and the receptionist was kind enough to come tell me to just toss it, that because it was such a light green (the stick, not my pee...) it was so low it's not a big deal. So they really didn't need to see me with the pee stick. Could have avoided that all together. Good to know.

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