Monday, April 6, 2009

Gotta Love Surrey

This has little to do with pregnancy, but I thought it was something some might find interesting. On Saturday evening, Chris and I were going to walk to Blockbuster to return a movie we rented. Just in front of our apartment building there is an alley that many people use, and when we were on it a couple guys on bicycles rode up to us and asked the time. After a few seconds the next thing we knew, one of them had Chris by the throat and told him to give him all his money...we were being mugged! Since one of them had brass knuckles and the other was holding a can of bear spray up to Chris, I didn't know what to do. Things weren't getting out of hand and since they told me to turn around (and called me a foul name) I decided to do so. Since we didn't have anything on us and Chris wouldn't let them have his wedding ring (they seemed strangely okay with that), they told us not to call the cops and we'd 'be cool'. Obviously after they were out of sight we promptly called the police, they came, and questioned us. We later found out they were circling around our neighbourhood and had the search helicopter out! All in all, it was a crazy experience but the whole time, we can honestly say we felt protected. Despite feeling a tad shaken up, I had no fear while the whole thing was happening, and Chris said the same. We know it could have been so much worse! Thank God!

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