Monday, April 20, 2009

What Would You Name our Kid?

Naming a human being is probably one of the most important choices in the whole parenting process. This name will be this person's 'label' for the rest of their lives, even after they are old and it better be a good one. Talk about pressure! As a kid I didn't know any other Brandi-Lee's, and not many with a hyphen in their name. I wanted to blend in with my friends and have a name like Crystal or Laura, but now I'm cool having a name not many others have. (Even though the vast majority of the population can not spell it...thank you mother. This we will take in to consideration when naming our baby!) There are other factors to take in to consideration. For instance:
  • What nicknames can come from this? ('Harry' or 'Dick' pretty much leaves that one wide open)
  • What people are attached with this name? (I doubt there have been many little Adolph's running around in the past 60 years)
  • Do the first and last name sound good when said together? (I went to school with a 'Harry Wong'...)
  • Will this name still be good in 50 years? (there's a reason why nobody names their baby Gaylord anymore)
  • What kind of words rhyme with that name? (eg: Regina. Think about it.)
  • Is it easy to spell? (Try to get a five year child old to spell Betelgeuse. Also try to get other five year olds not to make fun of that child.)
  • Does it make other people go, "What?" (eg: Bono's child, Elijah Bob Patricus Guggi Q Hewson. I also met a kid named 'Blade Steele')
  • Do the initials spell something? Mine used to be B.O. (Again, thanks mom. I blame it on your youth...wink.)
Chris and I have a few floating around in our heads and on our 'list', but I think it would be fun to see what you think would be a good name for our baby girl or boy! Any suggestions?


  1. So far these have been suggested:

    - Rebecca or Blake (Joy Robson)
    - Soda or Seven (thank you Marv McGee)
    - Shaughnessy (Shaughnessy Keely)
    - Bruce (Katie Herrod) -I don't think she knows that's Chris' dads name, so coincidence!
    - Katie-Anne (Karen Stuart, Chris' mom)
    - Chandi : CHris + BrANDI-Lee - ha ha! (Tammie Atkins)
    - Charlie (Tammie Atkins)

  2. Oh and I forgot that Paula suggested the following:
    - Paula (thanks, PAULA)
    - Zaynah
    - Mattias John
    - Jaden

    Also, Christopher James or James Christopher (Aunty Chrissy)

  3. Suri. Or Jayden James. Or Maddox. But definitely not Shiloh, because I think someone already took that one.

  4. i like mattias doucette and chandi doucette :D

    micha doucette, or emma doucette or chauncey doucette...ummm yaa.

    lisa bee

  5. Brandi-Lee DoucetteApril 26, 2009 at 11:58 PM

    Mattias is nice, but I have a good friend that has a little boy with that name! Not too sure about Chandi...I'll get back to you on that one...

  6. Mattias for the win.
    darn danielle. lol

  7. Brandi-Lee DoucetteApril 27, 2009 at 9:42 PM

    Fret not, Paula! We have a few up our sleeves!

  8. haha still though.. middle name? haha

  9. Kristen Groot - HiscockMay 17, 2009 at 5:11 PM

    I'm living in Las Vegas and I don't know if it has anything to do with names, but I have a patient named "Abcde" (Ab-si-dee) and a patient named (pardon the french) "Shithead" (Shith-eed). Yeah. Don't name your child that. It's not good. I like Blake or Brock.

  10. I feel very sorry for "Abcde" and "Shthead"... do their parents not like them? Were they forced to have them? Mean! Hmmm I think I like Evangeline (short could be Evan)or Makenna (which means gif or present)for a girl and for a boy Keegan , Levi or Micah..... ust thoughts of being bored...

    Kaila K

  11. Alright B..
    Grammie and I (shaylee..)
    decided on a few names..
    most of them are grammies choices.
    here it goes!..
    Dane Christopher Doucette
    (i really like this one, actually)
    Chase _____ Doucette
    Bryson ______ (bruce?) Doucette
    Caleb Charles Doucette
    Parker James (PJ) Doucette
    Donnel James Doucette
    Austin (Christopher?) Doucette
    Isaac _____ Doucette
    Mason James Doucette
    Hayden Christopher Doucette
    Liam _____ Doucette
    Dalton James Doucette
    Preston ______ (john?) Doucette
    Skyler or Kyler Doucette(love these)
    Chay ____ Doucette

    Rylee Ann Doucette
    Charlee Jane (Michele?) Doucette
    Bailee Ann Doucette
    Lilee Jean Doucette
    Chandra Marie Doucette
    Kylee _____ Doucette
    Miya Lee (Michele?) Doucette

    please respond. thanks verrry much.
    wee lovee youu!


  12. Wow. So how long did you spend on this, exactly?! Ha! Well out of your lists I think my personal faves are Caleb and Mason for boys (not making any promises though! :) and for girls, Charlee. We do have a couple up our sleeves though! Ha ha...Haven't decided on one for sure yet. Thanks Shay. Love you!!