Wednesday, May 20, 2009

24 Weeks

Brandi-Lee at 24 weeks | 6 months
Well here I am at 24 weeks, or 6 whole months! I can't believe it. He or she is moving around so much now, and Chris can even feel it. We have also seen my stomach move! It's a crazy feeling and it makes the whole experience more real. The first time Chris felt it was when we were about to go to bed one evening. The baby had been moving around but when Chris went to feel him/her they stopped moving, of course. So we decided to jostle my stomach around and Chris started making noises at my stomach ("WAKE UP, BABY!") and it worked! Chris put his hand on my stomach and felt a little knock. He looked up at me with a big smile on his face and I was so happy he could finally feel what I have been feeling for the past few weeks. It was definitely a 'moment'! So what else is happening? Well, apparently the baby is almost a foot long (like at Subway) and over a pound. Some great news is that I haven't seen any stretch marks yet...and I'm looking I kind of hope it stays that way. (And all the girls who have given birth are probably rolling their eyes and saying, "Honey just you wait"...but a girl can hope, right?!) Apparenty the baby has no pigment in their skin or hair, so basically I am carrying Powder, minus the special powers. I'm also suspecting that my feet have grown a half size...I no longer fit a 6 at Aldo. I bought my first bottle of Tums today, as I've been feeling that slight acidic sensation in my throat. Ugh! What else will be in store for me? Time will tell...

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  1. I've had two kids and no stretch marks... So it can happen!!:)