Friday, May 29, 2009

Baby Clothes 2

My favourite are the sunglasses! $3 shirts - how could I not?
Kinda unisex!
These are from my mom and we thought Chris' dad would like the shirt on the right, being a pilot and all.
Again, some may appreciate these baby clothes posts more than others, but whatevs. If you are noticing that these are boyish clothes, please note we still don't know what we're having, but I feel so drawn to the boy clothes! Perhaps that's motherly instinct? Who knows. If we have a girl, she will either look like a boy for some of the time or our friends with boys will be getting some nice new clothes!


  1. great choices, you're going to have the most stylish kid! a girl will look just as cool in any of those clothes as a boy would, baby girls shouldn't have to wear head to toe pink to look like a girl.

  2. Thanks for the support Katie! Ha. I just think it would get annoying after a while having people go, "What a cute little boy. What's his name?" when in fact the child is female...but we'll see what happens!