Friday, May 1, 2009

Baby Clothes!

This one is in honour of our child's father.
I guess this one is too...
So is this one. Dang!
Here is the first of many things we have bought for our baby. Well, I bought it. Chris just went, 'Oh, neat!'. The last one "Born to Rock" was our very first thing we ever got, and it was given to us by our good pals Travis and Jessica. I just noticed that they are all something to do with cookies or music...are there are any 'graphic designer baby' onesies out there? Hm? No? Shoot. And yes, I know they all look like boy clothes, but OH WELL. We have no idea what we're having, but the clothes were too cute to pass up.


  1. a girl would look just as sweet in any of those shirts!
    where did you find those, they're fantastic!!

  2. Yeah, I guess they could go either way. The Cookie Monster and 'Baby Rockers' were from H&M, the duck hat is from Please Mum and I have no idea where the Born to Rock one is from. The States somewhere!