Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My First Hormonal Almost-Meltdown

There's a stereotype out there of hormone-driven, cry-at-the-drop-of-a-hat, war-path trodding pregnant women. Yesterday, I fit the bill. And it was over something so trivial...cookies and spilled water! I had a glorious day off after an awesome women's conference at our church, and I was quite enjoying my day of grocery shopping in the morning and hanging out at home. At some point in the afternoon, I decided to bake my Cookie Monster husband some tantalizing chocolate chip cookies, using a new recipe deemed to be 'The Best'. It got four and a half stars on AllRecipes.com, so it had to be good. I followed the directions pretty much to the tee and the first batch came out hard as rocks. Not burnt, but I could probably have used them as a defense (ninja-star style) if we were to run in to those Surrey punks again. Next batch, I put them in for less time. Still hard. Next batch, hard. Finally on the last batch they were satisfactory (not great) but the emotional damage was done and my mood was sour like the old yogurt in our fridge. After much encouragement from Chris and reassurement he would eat them all, I decided to tackle dinner. Spaghetti was an easy choice. I still had a grudge against these crap crisps that masqueraded themselves as cookies, but I knew I had to move on with my life. I asked Chris to fill a pot of water for the noodles, which he did wonderfully, but I wanted a tad more so I filled it up just a bit more. Turning from the sink to stove I knocked the pot on the edge of the counter and the water waved to and fro, spilling water on the stove, counter, floor and my socks. That was the breaking point. Tears spilled forth. I ripped off my wet socks, threw them across the room and bent down to sop up the water, all the while weeping. For some reason I didn't want Chris to know I was crying over spilt water so I collected myself in the bathroom, but he got 'mad' I didn't ask for help. He's a good guy. After that, I was okay. All is now well in my world.

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