Wednesday, August 19, 2009

37 Weeks | FAQ's

37 Weeks | 9 months 1 week
Here I am at 37 weeks, or 9 months and 1 week. (Apparently I am both huge and tiny - I've had both comments) This is considered to be full term, so if I were to go in to labour it would all be good in the Douce hood. We are slowly getting our place prepared for an extra person: cleaning closets, getting rid of junk, and buying insane amounts of food so I won't have to shop the week I have the baby. Last night I went grocery shopping for canned goods and jars of stuff as well as about 10lbs of meat that is currently resting in our freezer, waiting to be made in to Shepherds Pie, meatloaf or Shake n' Bake. (Thank the Lord for Costco) Next stop: Diaperville. We also have the bassinet, thanks to good pal Tammie! Our next priority is the car seat - we would love to leave the hospital WITH our child. Having this larger stomach, I expect people to ask questions. I have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (or, FAQ's, if you will) of what I get, and answers for your convenience:
1. Just about done eh? A: Yes, I am due September 8. ___ weeks/days to go! (refer to pregnancy ticker above) 2. How were you during that heat wave?? A: Pretty good actually...we were at a lake that week so it was more managable. 3. Do you know what you're having? A: No. (This is usually followed up by 'I think you're having a boy/girl because you're carrying all in the front' - it's always changing from person to person. Who knows.) 4. Have any names picked out? A: Yes. Well a couple. And we're not telling, na na na na na naaaaa. 5. Got the nursery set up? A: No. We don't have a nursery because we live in a one-bedroom condo, but we will be getting the baby's 'corner' ready ASAP. 6. Got everything you need like a crib and stroller and carseat, etc.? A: No. We have nothing. (as of August 17 - sure to change very soon) 7. Do you have any cravings? A: Yes, pretty much just lemon-lime carbonated water with lots of ice. Also, just ice. 8. Are you excited? A: Yes. Duh!
If you have any more questions, just ask!

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