Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh Summer Fun...

Jessica & Travis, Chris & Me, Jenna & Koby
35 weeks and some odd days - out for an early morning stroll around the lake.
This is what I found on myself after walking around downtown Vancouver for a while. Lovely.
Oh dear - it's almost been a month since the last post. Shame! It's been a busy month, I will admit. Chris and I went away for a week with my side of the family to Loon Lake (Where is that, you ask? About an hour past Cache Creek) to bask in sunshine and swim in the lake and go to the bathroom in an outhouse. Then the next weekend we tripped up to Jolly Lake (Where is that, you ask? Why it is 45 minutes past Osoyoos) with some of our pals, Jenna and Koby, and Travis, Jessica and baby Cohen. That was the last trip away until the baby comes! What is new in baby world? Not much (and at the same time, a lot!) but I can tell you about what the baby is doing to ME:
  1. My iron stores are still low despite me taking supplements...I'm not sure how they keep going down when I'm taking more than I normally do daily.
  2. I'm apparently big. Someone asked if I was "sure" I was due in September because I am huge and then asked if I was carrying twins.
  3. Legs are starting to hurt in the night. I don't know if they're cramping per se, but they're just sore, mainly in the hips so I wake up and turn over and I'm good for about an hour then I repeat until morning comes and I'm thankful to be out of bed. Also, at times it feels like I am walking as if I just got off a horse.
  4. My feet and hands are slightly swollen at times (see photo above). In fact when I make a fist it hurts, especially in the morning. It's strange and I feel like an old woman with arthritis, but apparently it's normal. Nothing I can't handle.
  5. Craving: carbonated water with lots of ice. BONUS if it's lemon-lime. That's it. Right now I go through about 4 litres a week, and that's restraining myself a little bit. If I spill a little, I don't think about now I have to clean it up, I think, 'Waste!'
**If you are reading this and you have kids, what did you crave?


  1. everyone's huge near the end of their pregnancy! i was huge due to all my water retention. and elliott was tiny! it means nothing, don't take it personally, 90% of people who say something don't know what they're talking about :)
    i totally got the sore hips/pelvis thing during the night and morning when i was pregnant with elliott. those pains were gone the second i had him (only to be replaced with new more worthy ones).
    hmm, my husband is craving lemon-lime carbonated water alot too lately, maybe he's pregnant...
    oh, and with elliott i craved chocolate, grapefruit and lemonade (even though lemonade gave me wicked nighttime heartburn!) oh, and sushi, like the real raw fish sashimi, which i obviously couldn't have, that was tough.

  2. With Ava I craved Ice...I couldnt get enough..
    I guess it is the same with this baby too..
    I know..not exciting.