Sunday, August 16, 2009

Earning My Stripes.

I personally have reached a new milestone and feel that I am now really earning my stripes, so to speak. I tell you all that I have spotted the first stretch mark.
I will admit that I was not happy upon detecting this shiny little scar-looking thing which has made its permanent home just above my belly button. However, I keep telling myself that it's there now, be friends with it and embrace it. It's here to stay. It might even let its friends move in and give birth to little ones of its own, so it's just something I have to accept. I'm working on it. Maybe I'll give it a name. Murray?


  1. murray is perfect.
    i remember dreading stretch marks and i thought i was in the clear and mark free until about 3 days before having elliott, and suddenly there it was, in all it's glory, right above my belly button too. it became hardly noticable later, don't worry much about them, all these body altering changes end up being SO worth it :)

  2. can you name one of its friends horance rostifer?