Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day.

Finn, his dad, and the Dad Mug. 

Yesterday was Father's Day. Chris's first! We woke up in the morning and Finn gave him his first gift - a mug with glasses and a mustache that says 'Dad' and a card. Oh, and a little pan Chris has been wanting to get. Kind of a random Father's Day gift, I know, but he had been wanting a little tiny pan to make perfect over-easy eggs in. So he got it. Boom. There was ONE more part of the gift that was supposed to come in the mail but is currently LATE (not pleased) so you'll have to see that later. Chris is bugging me to tell him what it is, but I ain't budging.

The day started out kind of lame after Chris left for church with the McGee's - I lugged a playpen, a tray full of cupcakes, blankets, a diaper bag full of things plus Finn in the car seat in one load down to the car. That wasn't even the lame part. (My shoulders hurt right now and I smell like Rub-A535). Then I realized I forgot Finn's bottle, so I stopped at a pharmacy but they had no bottles under $8. I stopped at Safeway, found one, but then Finn was not satisfied with that bottle so he didn't eat for six hours. Plus we were late for church. SO, after church we ended up going BACK home anyway to get Finn's bottle, feed him and then headed out to Chris's dad's house for Father's Day celebrations. SIGH. Crazy morning, fantastic afternoon and evening. Dinner was great, the conversation full of laughs, and the sun even came out. No matter how your day starts, it's all about how it ends! Happy fathers day to all the dad's. Hope your day was great. :)
Us in our swim attire.

Dan and Christine!

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