Friday, June 11, 2010

A Finn Update.

A little update on what's up in Finn's little life. Where to begin? I feel like everyday is such a new experience for him. How about the fact he has seven teeth? Or that he is almost crawling? He's doing the GI Joe army crawl right now and loves that he can get to where he wants whenever he wants. Mom and dad, however, are not encouraging or discouraging this milestone. We have some major baby-proofing to do around here! His favourite thing to go for is our modem and the wires around it. Really, dude? The modem? Electrical wires? How about all the toys that mom and dad bought you?

Finn has also learned the art of Baby Cheese: the act of making the biggest cheesiest smile possible, and getting lots of laughs, aw's, and kisses in return. We don't mind. It is honestly the cutest face I have ever witnessed. Pictures don't do it justice.

I mentioned he has seven teeth now - four on the bottom and three on the top. We got him a tootbrush and strawberry-flavoured toothpaste and he is officially entered the magical world of dental hygiene. Except when I am brushing his little teeth he tries to take the brush away to just chew and suck on it. So I let him. He's gotta learn sometime!

Here are some other photos of life as of late:

He was supposed to be napping. Instead, I walk in to this.
Great Grandma Rosalyn was in town!
A nice fine day in Fort Langley.
Finn and his second cousin, Dane, who is about two weeks younger than him!
Finn LOVES dogs. One of his favourites, Soda.


  1. As always, great pictures, and cute kid! My niece is good at the cheesy grin too. My sister asks her to smile for pictures, and when she doesn't want to, she bares her teeth in a half grin, half growl.

  2. What a cutie pie! What is it about bubbles that kids just love?! Those are all really good photos. I'm so happy Rosalyn finally go to meet Finn - looks like she loved him to pieces! He looks quite pleased with himself having such a happy time while supposedly napping - little monkey! Thanks for the update - can't wait to see him (an you and Chris) again soon. Love to all Karen/Gran/Edmonton