Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer O' Fun: Queens Park.

So far, this summer weather has - oh how shall I put it - been the worst example of summer weather pretty much ever. Why are we still wearing jackets, jeans, and SOCKS in June? I've seen some wearing wool coats for goodness sakes. Well, God decided to give us a treat on Saturday. (Thanks, God) We packed up the babies and headed to Queen's Park in New Westminster with our good pals, the McGee's. It was Finn's first time at a waterpark and a petting zoo! He loves animals. Not so sure about the water yet. Given, it was freezing cold. I think he'll love it in the summertime!

Very excited about our day out.

Loves the swings!

Just chillin with daddy.

Eating lunch. He dumped his noodles all over the table, so he is eating mom's bread crusts.

Putting his feet in the freezing cold water with his buddy Cohen!

Finn LOVES animals. He tried making friends with all the goats and a cow.

The goats were less impressed.

Here's the calf! He loved him too.

Doucette family photo in front of the pig pen. Apparently we couldn't think of a better location for a family portrait.

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