Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What is Going On!

Warning: This post might bore you if you don't have children. If you do not have children, I encourage you to visit this website instead of staying here. (Or you can read on, whatever)

I need your advice. If you have advice to give. Finn, our beloved little one, is NOT DRINKING HIS MILK! He eats solids pretty good but since Sunday (today is Tuesday) he has refused most of his bottles. He takes his first one in the morning pretty well, but every one after that he takes about 2oz. I've been trying to sneak the milk in his baby cereal but it's not the amount he is supposed to be getting! I estimate that Finn has got 16-20oz of milk Sunday and Monday. Only time will tell today...

I'm not sure if he is sick or not. He has thrown up twice, but has no other symptoms. After he tossed his cookies he was just normal, cool boy Finn. Playing, crawling/dragging himself, talking and babbling. I thought it might be a sensitive gag reflex...I don't know. Sheesh. I suspected teeth, but he's never done this before!

So - am I overreacting? Should I take him to the doctor or wait it out? For how long? Has this happened to your kids? Argh! (How can you tell I'm a first-time mother??)


  1. Is he having wet diapers? Pooping? If so he's probably getting enough hydration from his "solid" foods and could just be full from eating.

    However, always trust mommy instinct. If you think something is off, something is off. Mommy instinct trumps all!

  2. Pooping yes, but yesterday he didn't have many wet diapers at all. And my mommy instinct isn't helping because I don't know what to do! AGH! Maybe we'll see what happens today... On a side note it sucks wasting all this formula.

  3. Is he drinking anything else? Juice? Water? He may be just a bit under the weather (since he has been sick a couple times) and the formula may be upsetting his tummy...hence why he's refusing it.

    Try watered down Poweraid. That is what my doctor told me to give Nate when he was under the weather. Keep trying the formula too. The most important thing is to get some kind of liquid down to avoid dehydration.

    Like Anna said, diapers will let you know if he's getting enough...and if you feel unsure, take him to the doctor. You can never be over cautious!

    Hope that helps!

  4. Usually I find, listening to them is the best way to go. If he's not drinking the milk there is a reason for that. Either there is something in the milk he doesn't like or it doesn't sit well with him, or he's possibly too full?

    Amelie went through a big stage of not drinking a lot of milk. I'm not even sure she ever really got the "appropriate amount" (I never listened to all all that, each kid is different) - but now she drinks tonnes of it.

    Does he throw up after milk at all, or is it simply refusing the milk? If this is the only concern of not drinking a lot of milk, I wouldn't worry too much about it. If it continues to concern you and the doctor doesn't have an answer, go see a naturopath. Amelie has a great one and he gave her some amazing stuff to help with her digestion which was a huge cause for lack of eating and drinking heavy stuff.
    They are more likely to have an answer (sage clinic, downtown (Dr. Jui practices both western and eastern medicine. He's brilliant)

  5. OK, so, when Karis was hospitalized a few months ago for dehydration, they said 10 hrs without a wet diaper (or a pee on the potty, in her case) is an emergency and that child needs to be immediately taken to the ER.

    However, my family doctor said that outside of an emergency, they usually wait until a problem like this has lasted a week before worrying.

    Good luck Brandi, hopefully all is well today and you don't need to worry any more!

    Sarah Hunter