Monday, January 11, 2010

B's Food Revolution: The Apple Pie.

Once upon a time in 1999, Brandi-Lee and her friend Monica were in Foods class and had an assignment to make an apple pie. They worked hard at mixing and measuring the ingredients, however they must have had a little too much fun chattering and laughing because the pie was a disaster. That day Brandi-Lee refused to make pies henceforth. It was the first and the last.

True story - I vowed never to make a pie after that tragic attempt. However, ten years down the road I decided to give it another try, with terrific and tasty results. It was so much easier than I remember...I just followed the directions on the Crisco box for the pie crust and used a filling recipe from my good pal Destiny. The results were SO YUMMY and I will so do it again soon. I did sustain some injuries: two slices to the fingers while chopping apples (see photo) and a burn to the arm while taking it out of the oven. (It was well worth it.)

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  1. Beautiful pie B! How motivating... hmmm... Maybe I shall try. Maybe I will invest in a pie tray first.