Monday, January 11, 2010

Granny and Papa Come to Visit!

We had some very special guests fly in this weekend - Granny and Papa from Edmonton! This is Chris' stepdad and his wonderful and beautiful wife (perhaps one day I will do a Doucette family tree post, but for now just go with it and pretend you understand) It was only for one evening, but it was so worth it. We had some yummy chicken korma and homemade apple pie. We visited and they had the best time hanging out with Finn! (and us too I'm thinking right?)





  1. Wow, those first two pictures are beautiful! You sure do have an eye for photography. All my pictures have half closed eyes!

    xoxo Kristy

  2. Yes, we sure did have a very nice visit with all of you! Of course, Finn, is our new fav! We like you guys too though! Dinner was great - Jim and I thoroughly enjoyed the chicken dish you cooked - your hard work was much appreciated. Yum yum. And the apple pie and ice cream was great! I wish I could have had another piece of pie but there just wasn't room and I'm sure Chris would have wrestled us for it! Hope your fingers (and burn?) are healing. Thanks again for your hospitality and making time to see us. It was such a kick to see how far Finn has come and to see what a lovely little baby he is - you sure are lucky. Enjoy him - he'll be off and running in no time. Take care - love to you all - xoxox Karen